Review of the business relations between the State Capital Wiesbaden and Heidelberg Materials.

Given the importance of ethical and sustainable business practices as well as compliance with international law, it is crucial to review the business relations between the State Capital Wiesbaden Administration and companies that may be involved in controversies. Heidelberg Materials (formerly HeidelbergCement AG), an international company operating in countries with questionable human rights situations, requires a thorough examination of its business connections to the State Capital Wiesbaden. In particular, the activities of its subsidiary, Hanson Israel, which operates a quarry in the West Bank—an area that, according to a statement from the Federal Foreign Office dated January 4, 2024, is illegally occupied by Israel—conflict with international humanitarian law, such as UN Resolution 2334.

The council is requested to resolve:

The Magistrate is asked to report:

  1. Are there currently any business relations or completed projects between the State Capital Wiesbaden and Heidelberg Materials or its subsidiaries?
  2. Has Heidelberg Materials been commissioned by the State Capital Wiesbaden in public tenders for construction or supply contracts?
  3. What guidelines and verification mechanisms has the State Capital Wiesbaden established to ensure that its business partners, such as Heidelberg Materials, adhere to ethical standards and international law?
  4. How does the State Capital Wiesbaden generally deal with the implementation of the Supply Chain Act, which came into force on January 1, 2023.

Faissal Wardak Deputy Parliamentary Group Leader

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